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You Said Yes, Now When Should You Buy Your Dress? by Anna Whitener

Brides are often surprised to hear that they should start wedding dress shopping soon after they get engaged. So, if you’re wondering when you should start looking, when to commit, and how long you need for alterations, here is the scoop!

9 - 18 Months Out

This is when we recommend starting your dress search. Why so early?

  1. Wedding dress collections come out once or twice per year, depending on the designer. As new collections are introduced, previously released dresses are discontinued. A gown you love now may not be available later. Additionally, Loveliest only sells a handful of the same style dress so as not to inundate the market with a similar look, so you risk that particular style no longer being available in store for try on if you wait. We choose to do this as one more level of service that sets us apart from other stores. We want you to feel special in your dress, and not see it on countless other brides in the area.

  2. Your dress can set the tone for so many other elements of your wedding, including your bridesmaid dresses, decor, shoes, jewelry, etc. There are so many little details to plan in your wedding, that it is nice to check this big one off your list.

  3. Last, but certainly not least, wedding dress shopping is FUN, so why wait?

6 - 8 Months Out

This is generally the final cut off for ordering your wedding dress if you do not want to pay any rush fees. If you plan to customize your dress at all, a rush may not be available. If you have 6 months or less, you may want to consider an off-the-rack option, which luckily comprises half of our selection!

4 Months Out

This is the time to contact your seamstress. While you typically do not start your alterations until closer to your wedding, bridal seamstresses are skilled at what they do and book up quickly (especially during busy wedding and prom seasons). Even if your dress has not yet arrived, go ahead and reach out to the seamstress recommended by your bridal boutique (you’ll get a goody bag from Loveliest with this information if you purchase with us!) and get on their calendar! This is also a great time to shop for bridal shoes and undergarments, both of which you will need before starting your alterations.

2 Months Out

This is typically when you will begin your alterations. Most brides need multiple fittings, scheduled over the course of several weeks with the final fitting often very close to your actual wedding day. Find out when your last fitting will be scheduled and make sure you bring along your MOH or mom to watch (and I recommend videoing on a cell phone) how to bustle your dress, and learn any other tips/tricks for helping you on your wedding day!

Wedding Day

Finally, it is time to wow your spouse and guests with your beautiful gown and soak up the occasion to wear it!