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What's with the Seahorses? by Anna Whitener

As you peruse the dresses at Loveliest, you may glance up. When you do, you’ll notice a print with two seahorses sharing their love. Then, when you visit the restroom, the gold sequin seahorse canvas will surely grab your attention.

Why seahorses in a Tennessee bridal boutique nowhere near the beach? When Gavin and I were first dating (in 2010), those stretchy, multi-colored bracelets shaped like animals were all the rage with tweens. Remember these?

One day, our younger cousin presented us with a handful and nudged us each to take one. I picked a red heart as a not-so-subtle show of affection toward my new beau. Then, Gavin went for the yellow seahorse. I assumed it was because it was the only non-girly option. When he later told me that it was because seahorses mate for life, I realized he was the romantic one in the relationship. Now, every time I see artwork with seahorses, I am reminded how lucky I am to have him as my lifetime mate.

I decided to decorate the boutique with some seahorse items to remind myself and other Loveliest brides to choose one another every single day. Finding "your dress" can feel overwhelming, until you compare it to the relatively more substantial feat of finding "your person" - and that part you've already accomplished! Do you and your honey have a behind the scenes story, a secret shared with only one another that we could all benefit from learning? Spread the love and the wisdom by commenting on our Facebook page!